Milwaukee Tool Committed to Core Trades

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Milwaukee Tool is committed to providing end user solutions to the core trades—mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP)—and it was never more evident than at its latest #NPS19 event last month. Milwaukee’s commitment to the trades, and its company-wide goal to provide innovative solutions to the end user, is commendable. For example, the company has stressed that you won’t see their logo on cars during NASCAR races or on outfield walls at professional baseball parks. “Our focus clearly is the trades. How do we develop products, how do we understand what the user does and how do we leverage the technology? We want to combine those points to deliver disruptive innovation by investing in people,” says Steve Richman, president, Milwaukee Tool.

And just wait: later this year the company plans huge announcements that will blow your mind.

#NPS19, Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool, tool innovation

Steve Richman addresses the crowd at the #NPS19 event.

Alex Boll says that we are seeing the depth of Milwaukee Tool’s commitment to the plumbing and mechanical contractor.

During #NPS19—held at a former retail department store warehouse nearby—Milwaukee employees were ready for the “onslaught” of coverage from the more than 100 media and social media influencer attendees. The new tools stretched from the utility, carpentry, electrical fields, and, of course, “You are seeing the depth of Milwaukee Tool’s commitment to the plumbing and mechanical contractor,” said Alex Boll, senior product manager for Milwaukee Tool.

From the very first NPS event, Milwaukee has gone from 200+ people in its R&D headquarters to more than 1,500 today, and is quickly running out of space. Nonetheless, with double-digit growth over that past 10+ years, there is a palpable excitement throughout the company. “We are seeing 100 new products this year, experiencing another year of unbelievable growth, introducing more new products than any of our competitors in this space, and delivering the message that we are a solutions company,” said Richman.

Milwaukee’s Derek Rose stresses the importance of user safety at this year’s #NPS19.

The message is clear: Milwaukee Tool wants to be known as a solutions provider first and foremost. “This is not about products, this is about solutions, and how we make the job safer and more productive every day,” said Richman. As a result, Milwaukee’s new tool lineup includes and increased emphasis on user safety, which includes equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses, safety vests, respirators, hearing protection and headlamps. “How do we partner users to be able to deliver solutions that drive productivity and safety on the job?” asks Richman.

#NPS19, Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool, tool innovation

Milwaukee expands its line of gloves to now include more cut-resistant and winter gloves, as well as new lines of leather and impact-rated gloves. With these additions, they will offer a full line of hand protection that provides best-in-class comfort, dexterity, and durability for a variety of jobsite applications. September 2019

Here are some of the tool highlights from this year’s #NPS19 event:

#NPS19, Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool, tool innovation, pipe threader• M18 FUEL Pipe Threader w/One-Key—Harnessing the power, performance and run-time delivered by M18 FUEL technology, the M18 FUEL Pipe Threader w/ONE-KEY revolutionizes the pipe threading process by delivering unprecedented control for the user. With AUTOSTOP technology, which senses severe kickback and automatically shuts the tool off, a dedicated support arm to hold the tool stationary during threading, and an integrated die head lock that enables side-grip thread starts, this new tool provides.

“The introduction of the first cordless pipe threader is a monumental achievement for the M18 System and a huge step forward in productivity for tradesmen,” said Boll. “Through our advanced M18 FUEL cordless technology, we’re able to deliver a cordless pipe threader that not only surpasses the speed of corded but does so while being lighter than the leading corded solution and offering unmatched control, simplifying the entire experience from start to finish.” Available on the market—July 2019.

#NPS19, Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool, tool innovation, M18 cut off saw• M18 FUEL 9″ Cut Off Saw w/ONE-KEY—The M18 FUEL 9″ Cut Off Saw continues to showcase the power of Milwaukee’s M18 system. With the power to cut reinforced concrete as well as all common metals, this saw is extremely versatile. At half the weight of most gas cut off saws it offers no gas headaches like dangerous emissions, difficult pull start, constantly mixing gas and oil, engine maintenance, and paying for fuel. Overall, this saw gives users a much better experience on the job. October 2019

#NPS19, Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool, tool innovation, Packout Radio + Charger• M18 Radio + Charger w/PACKOUT Compatibility—The extremely popular PACKOUT Modular Storage System has some added wrinkles. The new M18 Radio + Charger w/PACKOUT compatibility delivers the quality sound quality and functionality. A 10-speaker system provides users with 360° sound with the loudest volume and deepest bass that the jobsite has seen. Full compatibility with the PACKOUT system assures that users can easily transport their tools and audio on and off the jobsite. This new radio/charger accepts and charges all M18TM batteries and stores mobile devices. November 2019

#NPS19, Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool, tool innovation, PACKOUT Dolly• PACKOUT Dolly—Constructed with impact resistant polymer, the PACKOUT Dolly provides users with a convenient way to transport their tools and equipment throughout the jobsite. Its smooth roll wheels allow the Dolly to easily roll with a heavy load up to 250 lbs, while a QUICKSTOP Loading Lever enables users to hold the Dolly in place when loading and unloading. July 2019

#NPS19, Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool, tool innovation, M18 FUEL Sewer Sectional Machine w/Cable Drive• M18 FUEL Sewer Sectional Machine w/Cable Drive—Expanding the offering within the drain cleaning category, Milwaukee launches the M18 FUEL Sewer Sectional Machine w/ CABLE DRIVE. The tool’s CABLE DRIVE technology provides the first Automatic Feed and Retract solution within sectional machines designed to reduce user strain when pulling back the cable from the pipe. The power to clear roots at 200 ft. with a cordless solution provides users the power they need to clear tough clogs with the easiest set up and transport allowing users to work with less hassles. Available on the Market—November 2019.

#NPS19, Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool, tool innovation, IPS XL Rings & PEX Jaw Expansion• IPS XL Rings & PEX Jaw Expansion—The 2-1/2”–4” IPS XL Ring Kit fits directly in the M18TM FORCE LOGIC Long Throw Press Tools and gives it the ability to press Viega MegaPress XL Fittings without the use of cumbersome tool extensions, while vastly expanding the range of applications the tool can accomplish. “With the addition of these jaws mechanical contractors can now make controlled, flameless connections on 2-1/2”– 4” Schedule 10 to Schedule 40 Black Iron Pipe with the very same tool they use for pressing copper, PEX, and stainless-steel. We’ve just reset the standard for productivity in large steel pipe installation,” said Boll. May 2019

#NPS19, Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool, tool innovation, M18 FUEL SUPER HAWG• M18 FUEL SUPER HAWG—Milwaukee Tool delivers the industry’s first right-angle drill with the power to fully replace corded. Designed from the ground-up with an upgraded POWERSTATE Brushless Motor and optimized REDLINK PLUS electronics, the new M18 FUEL SUPER HAWG has the power to drill 6-1/4” holes through 6” beam at corded speed, as well as the run-time to complete single home rough-ins. July 2019

• M18 Utility Remote Control Search Light—The M18 Utility Remote Control Search Light’s magnetic base allows it to be used in alleys, backyards, or mounted directly to the vehicle. With 5,000 lumens of TRUEVIEW High Output light, it boasts a spot distance of more than 1250 yards for more visibility during night work. An easy-to-use joystick remote control provides users with more control. Rated for outdoor use with impact and vibration resistance. October 2019