Minnich Mechanical Design performs boiler changeout for custom home in Chicago’s northwest burb

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Part I: Replacing the old boiler

While most of corporate America takes the week off between Christmas & New Year’s, much love to the guys that work tirelessly to bring heat to those who need it, like, right now, especially in these temps.

Mechanical Hub recently visited with one of the brightest minds in the hydronics industry, Steve Minnich of Minnich Mechanical Design, Carol Stream, Ill. He was called out to the 15,000-sq.-ft. northwest suburban Chicago residence to replace a boiler in the garage that had been overtaken with mice—the control wires were literally chewed apart—and to replace an old, leaking boiler in the basement.

The basement boiler changeout, shown here, features a new Lochinvar Knight boiler, which serves 15 zones of hydronic and radiant floor heat. These two videos show the before and after, and why Minnich prefers the Lochinvar Knight as his boiler of choice. Maybe it’s the built-in outdoor reset or the 10:1 turndown so it can fire as low as 28,500 Btus and the max is 285,000 Btus. Or perhaps is the easy-accessible controls. Check it out for yourself.


Part II: The installation of the Lochinvar Knight boiler.


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