Navien combi-boiler Flow Sensor Replacement

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Navien’s combi-boiler is possibly the most common combi- in the US market but working on or replacing parts for the combi can be a real challenge. I’ve serviced and installed quite a few in the last 3-5 years and the flow sensor is definitely one part that seems to fail more than others. If you find yourself looking at this part replacement you may benefit from a couple tips I’ve shared in this video.

Please forgive the video quality, I decided to make this last minute and only had my iPhone (hand held without a tripod). If you find this useful please share with your friends or post to your favorite FB group.

If you’re interested in purchasing the tools I use in the video just click the links or pics below for the best pricing I have found.

Klein Stubby Ratcheting Driver

Milwaukee USB Rover

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