Navien NFB-C Commercial Boiler

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Navien’s official entry into the commercial boiler market

We caught up with Brian Fenske, Director of Commercial Sales to learn about the Navien NFB-C commercial boiler while at AHR Expo.

First let us acknowledge that no official press info has been released with delivery date, technical specifications etc at this time. As soon as we receive that information from Navien, we will be the first to share here and on our social media.

Now for all the details

Here’s what we do know about the Navien NFB-C boilers:

There will be two models available, the NFB-C-301 and 399. Each number corresponding to the Btu input rating. The model name [NFB-C] translates to Naven Firetube Boiler – Commercial. Each boiler will have at its core Navien’s unique in-house design and manufactured stainless steel heat exchanger. For more info on their new firetube click here.

These boilers will have the usual negative pressure gas system and as stated in the video, can be adjoined in cascade [up to 4 units] with common venting. Brian Fenske does a great job explaining all this and more in our video from AHR Expo, please watch below.

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