Neutra-Safe Tube Style Condensate Neutralizers

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Neutra-Safe has expanded its line of tube style condensate neutralizers to include seven models, serving high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances up to 2 million BTUH input capacity.

The tube style condensate neutralizers were designed with the contractor in mind.  They feature a clear tube for fast, simple visual inspection of neutralization media without disassembly.  Patented, integral unions and O-ring seals are used at each end for a leak-proof seal and ease of installation, service.

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The neutralization media, which is a Neutra-Safe’s proprietary Neutra-pH blend of 99 percent pure calcite and magnesium oxide, provides the most efficient neutralization possible.  It eliminates clumps that can clog traditional neutralizers.

The CN2-220V model specifically can be installed in either horizontal or vertical configurations. This design allows the unit to be used on most residential applications, so service vehicles only need to carry one SKU.

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