NeutraSafe Offers Condensate Pump Base as Stand-Alone Product

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NeutraSafe, condensate pump base, condensate neutralizersResponding to demand from the trade, NeutraSafe Corporation has begun offering their NSP-50 condensate pump base as a stand-alone product.

The patent-pending base, which includes a tray and see-through lid containing NeutraSafe’s proprietary neutralization media sack, is an integral part of the NeutraSafe NSP-50 condensate neutralizing pump. This unit provides condensate neutralization and disposal for condensing appliances with capacities up to 500,000 BTU/h.  By selling the base separately, installers can use it in conjunction with any Little Giant VCMA series pump.

The NSP-50 base comes with a neutralization media in a fabric sack, and snaps easily in place on a VCMA series pump.  The NSP-50 Base provides a fast, easy way to recharge neutralization media for condensing appliances, with simple visual inspection and industry-leading neutralization.