Nibco Gas, ACR & Iron Press Fittings for 2020

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Nibco adds new Iron, Copper for Gas & ACR Press Fittings


Copper and iron press fittings are a mainstay in the plumbing and hvac industry. Nearly every job site, project or contractor has made the switch to this technology because of the promise of labor savings.

Heres a look at what is coming in 2020 from Nibco. I think what is most interesting is their entry into the Press G market (copper press fittings for gas). I’m located in Minnesota, copper piping for all fuel gas is common for both residential and commercial work. One of Nibco’s biggest competitors has recently pulled their copper press gas fitting off shelves in North America due to some changes to the CSA testing and certification standard. Nibco’s gas fittings have the CSA US stamp on them which should make them acceptable wherever copper piping for gas is allowed.

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