NIBCO Launches Wrot Racer® “Start Me Up” Distributor Promotion to Promote its Next Generation of Push Fittings

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NIBCO’s Wrot Racer® C8 Corvette kicks off its tour at AHR Expo 2022 before visiting qualified distributors throughout the United States to celebrate the introduction of Wrot Racer push fittings.

NIBCO INC. announces its Wrot Racer® “Start Me Up” promotion to celebrate its next generation of push fittings that it recently launched. The multi-faceted promotion centers on the Wrot Racer C8 Corvette that will tour the U.S., making stops at distributor locations that have qualified.

The “Start Me Up” promotion provides a quick and easy way for distributors to take on immediate inventory of the new Wrot Racer copper push fittings. Distributors who meet the minimum stocking order requirement will receive a free marketing kit that includes POP merchandising.

NIBCO’s Wrot Racer Corvette began its tour at AHR Expo in Las Vegas on January 31, before moving to the West Coast, making various stops along the way, including Phoenix and Los Angeles. The “Start Me Up” promotion runs through 2022.

“We’re excited for our Wrot Racer Corvette to head out on the road to visit qualifying distributors across the U.S.,” said Ashley Martin, executive vice president, NIBCO INC. “This is a great opportunity for distributors to create additional coverage for their businesses and for everyone attending to have fun!”

Introduced in 2021, Wrot Racer push fittings are a line of premium copper push fittings that are engineered to join copper, CPVC-CTS, PEX and PE-RT (with stiffeners) for easy transition between piping systems. With a patented fitting design, installations are easily made within seconds.

Wrot Racer push fittings are made with 99.9 percent pure wrot copper. Naturally lead free, the fittings feature antimicrobial properties and are dezincification resistant, providing for safe, clean drinking water connections for both residential and commercial applications.

Available in 1/2″ to 1″ sizes, the lightweight and compact Wrot Racer fittings are able to be installed wet or dry and can handle applications up to 200 psi and 200 degrees. The new fittings feature stainless steel gripper rings to ensure a secure connection. Wrot Racer fittings are ideal for tight-space installations and can also be removed and reused, avoiding wasted materials.

To learn more about how NIBCO’s Wrot Racer Corvette can make an appearance, contact your local NIBCO sales representative, visit or email Contractors should contact their local distributor to see if it is on the Wrot Racer tour list.

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