Noritz offers Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit to complement NRCR Series

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Paired with easy installation, the kit boosts tankless water heater efficiency, bringing household hot water demand to the homeowner’s fingertips

With Noritz’s, introduced in 2019, hot-water distribution throughout the home is virtually instantaneous, providing hot water on demand using its built-in recirculation pump. More recently, Noritz has taken its innovative NRCR one step further with the new Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit.

The kit, sold separately as an add-on accessory, brings the convenience of readily accessible hot water with a simple touch of a button, converting the NRCR to a push-button operation. The kit includes a wireless receiver, two wireless transmitters to start and stop the on-demand recirculation mode, batteries, a wire connector, and the additional accessories needed to complete the installation.

Up to a total of six transmitters can be paired to one receiver. Although the push button can operate on three AAA batteries, the kit also offers a micro USB connection to power the receiver. Connecting a micro USB cable to the receiver, homeowners can plug into an outlet using a power adaptor.

The receiver is wired to the water heater, so that when the transmitter button is pressed, the recirculation pump activates, providing water to prime the line. This technology reduces system and recirculation pump runtime, providing energy savings.

Installers are not required to use this specific kit. However, using other kits would involve either:

(1) wiring the transmitters to the unit (the push buttons that are currently available, for example); or

(2) building a piecemeal kit, using items purchased elsewhere.

The Noritz Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit, on the other hand, offers homeowners maximum convenience and flexibility, using either batteries or the USB wall plug-in.

In addition, the push button kit accessory is Title 24-compliant, offering West Coast customers the ability to have hot water on demand while also meeting building-code requirements and saving energy.

The Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit is compatible with all NRCR models. To learn the basics of installing the push button kit, view a special video on the process.

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