Petri Plumbing & Heating celebrates an important natural resource during National Water Quality Month

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Leading plumbing provider offers tips to Brooklyn residents to help ensure their home’s water remains safe and clean

Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, a family-owned home service company serving Brooklyn and Manhattan since 1906, says National Water Quality Month is a great time for homeowners to pay special attention to their water quality and take proactive steps to help improve it.

“Being able to take a clean shower or drink water from the tap without fear of contamination isn’t a luxury everyone gets to enjoy,” said Michael Petri, owner of Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning. “Since August is National Water Quality Month, this is a great time for homeowners to focus on some simple tips to ensure their own water stays safe and clean.”

Petri said that communities can work together by following these tips to improve the water quality in their neighborhoods:

  1. Don’t dump chemicals down the drain. Whether homeowners are using liquid drain cleaners or other chemicals to clean their pool or rid their homes of pests, they should consider the proper way to dispose of chemicals. By opting for organic drain cleaners and taking items like motor oil, pool chemicals and harsh cleaners to collection centers, homeowners can keep shared municipal drains free of hazardous waste.
  2. Manage stormwater runoff. By diverting downspouts into yards, cisterns or other containment areas, homeowners can keep pesticides and bacteria from clogging up municipal storm drains.
  3. Properly maintain sewer lines and septic tanks. Homeowners should regularly service their sewer lines and septic tanks to ensure that pollutants and disease-causing bacteria don’t leach into the groundwater. Septic tanks should have regular cleanings and sewer lines should be maintained so that contaminants can be properly contained and treated. Try to avoid getting chemicals into storm drains.
  4. Don’t over irrigate lawns. Overwatering a lawn can cause runoff that contains fertilizers and pesticides that can seep into storm drains or an area’s groundwater. This tip provides the added bonus of conserving this natural resource.
  5. Consider a water filtration system. Because many cities have older pipes that experience failures, even the water that comes into a home may contain contaminants. Using bottled water as a substitute also adds a lot of plastic to local landfills. Homeowners can protect their water quality and the environment by adding a water filtration system to their home’s plumbing system.

“Water is one of our most precious natural resources and is vital to any community,” Petri said. “This August, we should all take some time to consider how we’re dumping contaminated water and work on ways to improve the water quality in our neighborhoods. Following a few simple steps can ensure we all have clean water for years to come.”

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