Porsche Design Tower — Sunny Isles, Florida

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IMG_8201-PorscheDesignTower-use in newsletterBy June 2016, occupants of the Porsche Design Tower on the shoreline of Florida’s Sunny Isles Beach will experience the best view in the city with the best products in the industry surrounding them, and Viega is proud to be one of them. Not only does the tower hold Viega’s ProPress® in ½” to 4″ copper for the domestic and potable water, Viega MegaPress® in ½” to 2″ for chilled water and Viega MegaPressG in ½” to 2″ for gas, it has three elevators that will take owners and their car right into their home.

Olympia Plumbing Corporation, who worked closely with the general contractor for the tower, Coastal Construction, is one of the largest commercial plumbing companies in South Florida. Olympia has worked on many high-rise buildings, but the Porsche tower is one of the more notable projects on their resume. They have used Viega ProPress and Viega MegaPress on a variety of projects across the state and stand by the product. IMG_8726
“The Viega ProPress was excellent. We’ve been working well with it and there are no leaks,” Cesar Gamero, Superintendent at Olympia said. “I pressurized it at 200 pounds and we haven’t had any problems with it. You don’t have to come back to it. It’s a good product.”

For more info: http://www.viega.us/xchg/en-us/hs.xsl/9543.htm

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