Power Selling Pros names Zac Garside CEO

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Leading customer service training company positions itself for future growth with new leadership position

With a focus on continuing the growth of the business, Garside brings a wealth of experience to the executive position.

“Zac has been an asset to the company since he joined the team,” said Brigham Dickinson, Founder and President of Power Selling Pros. “Good home service companies are constantly busy, so they don’t have much time to focus on ways to improve company culture or the customer experience. Zac has been at the forefront of helping these companies learn how to grow their business with an enhanced company culture and a better customer experience since 2015.”

“Zac is now in a position of leadership at Power Selling Pros that will enable contractors and their teams to focus more on people and service skills using our trademarked Pattern for Excellence and the principles found therein. Zac is the perfect person to drive the direction of this company moving forward.”

Power Selling Pros has named tenured marketing specialist Zac Garside, pictured, as its new CEO.

Garside graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. He joined Power Selling Pros in 2015 as a customer service coach and has held various positions since then including business developer, trainer, sales manager and head of marketing.

With a strong dedication to helping home service businesses grow through personalized coaching and group training, Garside is also the host of “This Call May Be Recorded.” The popular YouTube show is where Garside listens to recorded customer service phone calls and coaches them up live.

“At Power Selling Pros, we have been creating positive change for contractors for almost 15 years now – teaching them and their teams a proven set of customer service and communication skills utilized by literally thousands of growing companies in our industry.” Garside said. “I am grateful for the trust that Brigham has placed in me to take the lead of what Power Selling Pros has become from scratch under his stewardship and continue to grow it by building our people internally as well as the many companies we serve in this industry.”

“A long time ago, Brigham heard Zig Ziglar say that you can have anything you want in life as long as you help other people get what they want. In other words, personal and business success comes from the extent to which you serve others. Our intent is to help more contractors see that customers no longer compare you to your direct competition. They now compare you to everyone they buy from! The new standard for customer service is to create a ’WOW’ experience every single time, and we’re going to arm contractors everywhere with the confidence, self-reliance and service mindedness they need to create that kind of experience in every employee and client interaction.”

As CEO of Power Selling Pros, Garside is looking to evolve services by making the voices of their clients and partners the driving force behind the company.

“In my new executive role, I want to utilize all the tools at my disposal to grow the company,” Garside said. “I will ask for help and recognize the strength and expertise of the great people in our industry while owning my mistakes. Knowledge is power, and I will accept feedback from industry professionals that understand the goals of Power Selling Pros.”

For more information about Power Selling Pros, visit https://powersellingpros.com/.

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