Powerful Upflush System From Saniflo Handles Heavy-Duty Applications

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The redesigned Sanibest Pro from SFA Saniflo u.s.a. is the industry’s first and only 1-horsepower, upflush grinder system – with 25 percent more power than the previous generation. This enables home and business owners to confidently add a complete modern bathroom wherever it is impossible or cost-prohibitive to do so with conventional plumbing.

Operating at 3,600 RPM (revolutions per minute) for rapid elimination of heavy-duty waste, the Sanibest Pro is designed for homes, as well as public restrooms in offices, schools, factories, restaurants, and any other situation where flushing sanitary items might be a concern. It pumps effluent higher and farther than other systems: up to 25 feet vertically when it is installed below the sewer line; or nearly 150 feet horizontally to the sewer stack. The stainless-steel grinder blade rotates against a stationary, perforated base plate, so that waste is quickly and easily dispersed through the base plate’s holes before being pumped into the 3/4-inch discharge line.

Using the two-inch inlets on either side of the unit, the Sanibest Pro can discharge waste water not only from a toilet, but also from two other fixtures, such as a sink, a bathtub, a shower or even a clothes washer (but always indirectly through a laundry tub). An integral check valve on the 3/4-inch discharge pipe conveniently rotates 360-degrees without any special tools to accommodate different installations. The top of the Sanibest Pro also features a service panel, allowing for easy access without removing current plumbing connections or disconnecting the entire unit from a toilet.

For more information, click here: www.saniflo.com

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