Pro-Pal Ball Drain Strainer from Webstone

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When selecting your next Y-strainer, consider upgrading to the new Pro-Pal® Ball Drain Strainer™ from Webstone, a brand of NIBCO®.  Designed to protect the system against debris in the pipes, this patent-pending valve combines a Y-strainer, ball valve, and hi-flow hose drain. Its forged brass construction takes the place of eight individual components; eliminating assemblies needed to isolate, drain, and separate loose particles from the flow. Its flexible design can be installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation, depending on your system’s needs.

The Ball Drain Strainer allows you to isolate the strainer from upstream flow, simplifying the servicing of the strainer port without the need for additional assemblies. During normal operation, the main valve is open to create a straight flow path which allows debris to fall into the plugged blow down port. To remove accumulation, simply close the valve to restrict the flow from the port, unscrew the strainer cap, and clean the debris from the screen. The exclusive multi-function flow path is also ideal for diverting fluid into the drain from either side of the ball. With a turn of the handle, you can choose between a variety of applications including draining before or after the ball, flushing the valve with fresh water, or flushing with reverse flow from the system.

The Ball Drain Strainer is available in sizes ½” to 1¼” in press or FIP connections. It features lead-free dezincification resistant forged brass construction, replaceable 20 mesh screens, and O-ring sealed and plugged strainer port for easy removal of the filter and installation of the drain valve.

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