Product review: NTI Trinity LX condensing gas boilers

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By James Rolfe, Calgary Hydronics Solutions

There are a myriad of condensing boiler options available on the market today. NTI, or NY Thermal Inc. has been manufacturing boilers since 1968 and condensing boilers since 1997, and is considered by many to be a pioneer in the condensing boiler market.Calgary-Hydronics-Solutions-3

One of the many quality products manufactured by NTI is the Trinity Lx series of condensing boilers. Having extensive installation and service experience with many of the hydronic heating systems made available by NTI, from the first generation T & Ti series boilers, to the Matrix furnace system, which comprises of a high efficiency condensing boiler, hydronic air handler, tankless hot water production and an available integral HRV unit to the Lx series of condensing boilers, I can vouch for the quality and reliability of these units.


The Trinity Lx uses a stainless burner with a metal fiber coating to produce extremely high modulating rates. The interior view of the combustion chamber illustrates the water tube heat exchanger, which is constructed of 316L stainless steel.

With its advanced touchscreen LCD display and Sola control package, this boiler is available in sizes ranging from 150 up to 800 MBH. This model can be used as a closed system boiler in a central heating system or models from the Lx 200 and up can be used as a water heater in conjunction with a storage tank, producing almost endless amounts of hot water for such high hot water consumption needs of restaurants, hotels and car washes to name a few. Capable of producing three separate temperature demands for today’s modern multi-temp hydronic systems with fan coil, DHW and high or low temperature space heating requirements.

Outdoor reset and multi boiler master/slave capable these boilers can detect other Lx boilers in the cascade sequence eliminating the need for an external multi boiler control. Easily set up and programmed using the 7″ touchscreen display all operational parameters can be accessed through the various status screens and menu options.

The NTI Trinity Lx is a quality choice in the highly competitive condensing boiler marketplace of today. Offering flexibility, easy installation and years of energy efficiency in a compact floor or wall mount design.





James_RolfeJames Rolfe has been in the plumbing and heating industry for 20+ years, working in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area. After having worked for numerous plumbing and heating contractors over the years James went out on his own in 2009 to form his own company primarily to specialize in Hydronics. From the design stage to final system commissioning he enjoys the challenge of properly designed and installed hydronic heating systems. His bread and butter so to speak is in the service and repair field. Calgary Hydronics Solutions install about eight to 10 new systems annually, most in the retro fit market. The bulk of our business is repair, maintenance, hydronic system consultation, evaluations and system upgrades. James emphasizes energy efficiency in all hydronic installations which includes proven and reliable equipment choices for installation and repair. James enjoys the opportunity to compile blogs based on his observations and experiences in the Hydronic and HVAC industry. He welcomes any comments or feedback from others in the industry and any opportunity to answer questions. James can be reached at 403-796-4768 or at

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