ProPress Beneficial in Quick Repair at New Hampshire Hotel

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There’s never a good time to lose hot water in a building – but days before a busy holiday weekend just might be the worst.

It’s what happened at a hotel in New Hampshire. Father and son duo Kevin and Hunter Hart were able to get hot water going again for the hotel in just two days, instead of four or five, by using Viega ProPress.

“It was definitely an emergency. They had two boilers for hot water and two storage tanks. But they’d already lost one of the storage tanks back in the summer and waited to get it fixed, so when the second one went out, they were in a bind,” Kevin Hart said.

“We worked side by side for 14 hours, two days in a row to get it fixed up. But definitely with the Viega press, it cut the job time in half. That hotel could have been without hot water for five days.”

They used 2” to 3” ProPress adapters, elbows, tees and ball valves. They also needed MegaPress G fittings, in sizes ¾” and 1”, for the gas line to the boilers.

After first using Viega for a middle-of-the-night emergency repair a few years ago, Hart said he was hooked. Now he’s teaching 19-year-old Hunter the business. For Hart Plumbing and Heating, owned by Kevin and his brother Robert, the business definitely includes Viega fittings.

“We’ve got 13 guys in our crew and now all the trucks have a press tool and fittings,” Kevin Hart said. “When we do work in commercial buildings and things, it’s much safer to not have to light up torches for repairs. Being able to come in and say we’ll do a job in a short time is a huge plus for our business.”

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