Quick How-to on PEX-a Repair

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Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) is manufactured using three different methods of cross-linking. PEX-A is produced by the peroxide (Engel) method. Common brands sold in North America produced under the Engel method would be Uponor, Rehau & MrPEX.

One unique property of PEX-a is its ability to be heated, using a heat gun, and repaired if kinked in the handling process which eliminates the need to cut the tubing and install a coupling. This information is widely known by plumbers having experience with this type PEX but for those not familiar I thought I’d take a couple minutes and put it all in a quick video. The total time it took to make this simple repair was about 5 minutes using the cordless heat gun. I edited the video to speed up the process, using a corded heat gun would also quicken the process. No manufacturer condones the use of a flame (torch) as a heat source.


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