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From the AHR show floor:

This is the new REHAU EVERLOC+ fitting system and tool. The PEX-a is expanded only two times, a patented PEX-a sleeve is then pulled/pushed over the joint after inserting the fitting into the end of the pex. It’s all done with one tool and is not sensitive to weather conditions like traditional PEX expansion joints. Only visual inspection is needed for confirmation of proper fitting completion.



Hub ProStaffer Andy Mickelson demos the EVERLOC+.

EVERLOC+compression-sleeve fitting system launched at AHR Expo 2017. Designed for use with RAUPEX® UV shield PEXa pipe in potable water applications, EVERLOC+ features both polymer and lead-free brass fittings in diameters up to 2 in. as well as the EVERLOC+ power tool, powered by the DEWALT® 12V MAX* battery platform.

“REHAU has been intensely devoted to the design and development of EVERLOC+, and we are excited to offer a system that sets a new precedent for plumbing installations,” said Mike Dietrich, vice president of the building solutions division at REHAU. “EVERLOC+ is a polymer and lead-free brass fitting solution, based on our proven and highly secure compression-sleeve technology, that is also faster, more convenient and cost-effective when compared to other PEX-based plumbing systems,” he said.

EVERLOC+ connections are made using a two-step expansion and compression process, both performed by the EVERLOC+ power tool, which is specifically designed for assembling EVERLOC+ fittings. First, the pipe is expanded, then the sleeve is actively compressed over the pipe and fitting for a secure connection that is immediately ready for pressure testing.

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