Remote Access

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Having remote access, control and diagnosis of my client’s boiler and DHW is an absolute game changer.

I’ve been installing and using the Lochinvar ConXus system in Knight boilers for a couple years and it’s saved a lot of time and headaches.

I get notifications when there’s a problem, often before anyone in the house even knows there is one. I also have a good idea of what parts to have on the truck when there’s an error code and for ya that’s a game changer since the majority of these boilers are truly remote. We have about 30 systems in North Central Minnesota, some as far away as two hours north and none are close to a supply house.

Other boiler manufacturers offer similar access thru mobile phone apps or via a web browser. I’d highly suggest investing some time into researching what it may be able to do for your business. I know it’s been a huge asset to ours.




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