Resideo Expands Relationship with USAA to Help Homeowners Protect What Matters Most

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After Successful Connected Home Pilot, Resideo Solutions now Available to all USAA Members Through its PERKS Program

Resideo Technologies Inc. (NYSE: REZI), a leading global manufacturer and developer of technology-driven products and components that provide critical home comfort, energy management, and safety and security solutions, has been added to USAA’s PERKS program to help its members protect against water damage and optimize home efficiency. USAA members can purchase Resideo’s Honeywell Home smart thermostat and its First Alert® WiFi Water Leak & Freeze Detector at a discounted price through the PERKS program and eligible Homeowner policy holders can enroll those devices for a connected home discount.

“Resideo has been honored to help USAA Homeowner Policy Holders protect what matters most since 2018,” said Linsey Miller, Senior Vice President Business Development & Services at Resideo. “With our inclusion now in the PERKS program, we can provide all of USAA’s 13 million members with access to a safer, more comfortable and efficient home that can optimize resources. Our connected insights can help inform USAA’s ongoing analysis of property claim concerns, and together we can help pioneer the future of the insurance and connected home industries.”

In the U.S., water-damage claims are among the most filed residential property insurance claims and represent an estimated $26 Billion1 in damages for single-family homeowners. Previously, USAA offered Resideo’s WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detectors to its Homeowners policy holders in select markets through its Connected Home Platform, a technology-enabled loss prevention program. The Water Leak and Freeze Detector is installed near appliances and if a leak is detected, the user is alerted. After the success of the initial program, USAA has extended the offerings to all USAA members, who can then control the comfort of their home and be informed of water leaks through the Resideo app.

“USAA is committed to providing industry-leading connected home devices to help our members in their everyday lives,” said Ryan Rist, USAA Assistant Vice President Innovation. “We have worked closely with Resideo Technologies to help launch USAA’s Connected Home Program so our members can adopt new protective technologies, like the First Alert WiFi Water Leak & Freeze Detector, to help secure their homes against water damage.”

Resideo’s Honeywell Home smart thermostat and First Alert WiFi Water Leak & Freeze Detector are now available to USAA PERKS members. USAA members can view additional products and discounts here.

1 Based on occupied housing, claim frequency and claim severity.

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