Review: PORTER-CABLE® impact driver

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PORTER-CABLE® has added six new cordless tools to their 20V MAX LINKED SYSTEM ™ and we’ve had the chance to put a couple to the test on the job.

The new cordless tools include the Reciprocating Tiger Saw®, 6-1/2 inch Circular Saw, Oscillating Tool, Cut-off Tool/Grinder, Jigsaw, and Pivoting Flashlight.

The PORTER-CABLE MAX* Linked System maximizes a lithium ion battery platform that provides the performance, ergonomic design, and features needed to complete an extensive range of applications on the jobsite. The lithium ion batteries maintain a charge for up to 18 months, so the tools are ready to go when you are.

The first tool to make it into the back of our truck was the ¼” HEX LITHIUM IMPACT DRIVER equipped with the new 20V 4.0ah battery, charger and case.


First Impressions:

Our first impression of the impact driver was its compact size and light feel in your hand. The specs have it weighing in at only 3.2 lbs. and 6.2” in length. It’s comfortable in your hand and when not in use it hangs nicely on your pocket or tool belt via the provided metal hanger clip.

Notable Features:

Anyone that has used a hex impact driver knows that having the proper driver bits for the job is as important as having charge in the battery. Changing those bits can be a pain with some of the impact drivers on the market. PORTER-CABLE has made bit change out as easy as possible with an easy load chuck that can be operated with only one hand. Removing the bits are easier with this driver than with any other we have used due to the spring assist; pulling back on the bit retention collet will have the inserted bit springing out quickly, making it an easier process than with most other tools.

A similar spring feature has been built into the battery connection point as well. Depressing the large black button on the front of the battery pack releases the battery with a springing force making it very easy to slide the battery out of its mounting point. This is a cool feature that makes an impact when considering how busy we are on site, having to wrestle with batteries and bits is a pain. They have eliminated those

As with most of the tools in the professional class the driver is equipped with an LED light to assist in visibility of work. Just a light pull of the trigger will illuminate the work area.

How Does It Stack Up?: Overall this compact impact driver packs a punch. When using the 4.0ah battery pack we were able to go a couple days without recharge under typical demand conditions. All of our testing was done in the fall of the year in Minnesota. As you may know cold ambient temperatures can adversely affect lithium ion battery packs, we noted no battery performance issues while testing in temperatures that regularly hovered in the teens to high 20’sF range.

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