Ripley PR reveals how winning awards boosts a business’s opportunities and reputation

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The Tennessee-based global public relations firm’s CEO says companies that go after awards add a significant weapon to their marketing arsenals

Ripley PR, an award-winning global public relations agency specializing in manufacturing, skilled trades, franchising and B2B technology, says that companies that proactively seek and win credible awards — and then strategically promote them — are more likely to have bigger sales funnels, more satisfied customers and a deeper talent pool than their competitors.

“Awards give your business an edge over your competition,” said Ripley PR founder and CEO Heather Ripley. “Awards boost employee morale and give your company more credibility. Participating in and winning awards increases your chances of being seen by potential customers because of the added visibility. The publicity an award generates is a wonderful acknowledgement.”

Heather Ripley

She said there are a variety of ways to promote company awards, and some of these include:

  • Issuing a press release. A press release gives an organization the opportunity to describe the award and the significance behind it. Issuing a release also allows the company to customize distribution to the right trade and local publications.
  • Announcing the win on social media. Social media allows a company and its employees and stakeholders to share the win throughout a variety of internet communities. This gets the word out about the win directly to consumers and potential employees.
  • Including the win in marketing collateral. Businesses can use their award as a third-party affirmation that their company is established and professional. Consumers feel more comfortable doing business with a company that has built a solid reputation.

Ripley said that award-winning companies are also more likely attract and retain the best talent in their industries.

“When the nation’s top talent sees that you’re winning awards, they become more interested in working with you,” she said. “Recruits that strive for career development want to learn from the best in their field. Awards validate what your company does and how it does it.”

One company that has used its awards as an effective means to drive its recruiting efforts, increase its sales funnels and attract partners is XOi Technologies, the leading provider of technician-first smart technology for commercial and residential field service companies. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

XOi has been included on the Inc. 5000 list in 2020, 2021 and 2023, and the Inc. Power Partner list in 2022. It has also made the Tech Tribune Top Tech Startups in Tennessee in 2020 and the Tennessean Top Workplaces in 2021.

“People know that PR can help you get your name in the news, but they may not realize that a good PR agency will also guide your company to seek awards that can increase your prominence,” Stacey Bright, chief marketing officer of XOi. “Having a professional writer who can then take the news of those awards and turn them into press releases that platform your company’s achievements leads to more interest from potential customers, employees and investors. You not only earn a prestigious award, but you also foster your brand in the process.”

Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™, a leading auto accessory and window tinting franchise, also takes advantage of awards by

Ripley said that companies don’t have to restrict themselves to awards that are issued to businesses within their industry. Winning a “best of” award in a local market or having a team member honored as the best in their field offers a company even more credibility.

Ripley PR, which was named to the Forbes list of America’s Best PR Agencies for 2021, offers its clients strategic communications services, including award recognition, crisis management, media relations and social media strategies. The agency’s unique combination of expertise and creativity in public relations helps clients build brand awareness, establish positive reputations and drive prospects to the brand.

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