Second-Generation Family Winery Honored with National Award for its Commitment to Sustainability

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Propane Council recognizes Fisher Vineyards with Energy For Everyone Hero Award for its environmental stewardship for six decades and counting

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is proud to present Fisher Vineyards with its prestigious Energy for Everyone Hero Award. Since 1973, Fisher Vineyards has remained steadfast in its mission to produce wines that honor the land they come from, and propane is an important component of this commitment.

PERC’s Energy for Everyone Hero Award recognizes the ways propane is revolutionizing businesses nationwide — contributing to enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. The award honors outstanding propane users and celebrates the success propane has brought to their operations and communities.

Located in beautiful Napa Valley, California, Fisher Vineyards is a family winery with locations in Calistoga and Sonoma County. Inspired by the passion and founding vision of their parents, three second-generation siblings lead the winery today. In 2018, Fisher was certified Napa Green for meeting the highest sustainability standards in the wine industry.

“For six decades, we have remained steadfast in our mission to produce wines that pay tribute to the land, as well as each member of our winery team, striving for classic balance and style that transcends time,” said Rob Fisher, owner of Fisher Vineyards.

Propane provides reliable, affordable, and efficient energy independent from the electrical grid system, offering protection against power outages. Fisher Vineyards utilizes propane for multiple applications critical to its operation, including:

  • Refrigeration: Maintaining optimal temperatures during the barrel-aging process.
  • Grape Preparation: Powering equipment used in grape processing and fermentation.
  • Power Generation: Offering critical backup power during harvest and during electricity outages.
  • Frost Prevention: Running fans to protect crops during frost events.
  • Water Heating: Using propane boilers for efficient water heating.
  • HVAC Systems: Ensuring consistent climate control across the facility.

“The Fishers excel in providing top-notch customer service while also meeting the highest sustainability standards in the industry,” said Bert Warner, director of commercial business development at PERC. “It’s extremely impressive, and we’re proud to present this award to their team as they continue to utilize propane as part of their ongoing efforts of contributing to a clean energy future.”

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