Selecting the Proper Balancing Valve

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Today’s designers have a wide variety of balancing valve technologies to select from: static, dynamic and thermal, for example. Mark Olson, GM, reviews how the various designs differ and discusses their applications and comparative trade-offs. He uses cutaways, schematics and actual installation photos to provide a thorough summary of options available in today’s market.

You’ll learn:
→ What’s the basic purpose of a balancing valve?
→ When is it best to design for target temperature vs. target heat delivery (absorption)?
→ How are turbulence and accuracy related?
→ What goes on inside a balancing valve? What can cause wear?
→ What are the sources of commissioning errors? How can they be minimized?
→ What is the role of a fixed speed pump vs. variable speed on valve selection?
→ Why is a domestic water recirculation application “trickier” than hydronic?

Selecting the Proper Balancing Valve for the Purpose at Hand
Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017
12 p.m. CDT

Mark Olson has served as general manager of Caleffi North America since 2005. He holds an M.S.E. degree in Applied Mechanics from the University of Michigan. Mark’s 30 years’ of experience includes engineering, sales and marketing management positions with Whirlpool Corporation, Pentair and Generac Power Systems.

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