Seniors, Uninterrupted: Assisted Living Facility Provided Continuous Hot Water During Boiler Upgrade

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At a nearby assisted living facility in Gorham, Maine, which featured a failing atmospheric boiler—with no redundancy—and aging indirect tanks, the building was fraught with hot water disaster potential. The 18,000-sq.-ft. building relied on radiant heat throughout the 50-unit residential units for the health of its elderly residents, and they relied on continuous hot water service, as well.

Four Viessmann CU3-57 boilers with a proprietary cascade control system

Godbout’s crew remove the ineffective atmospheric boiler.

Fortunately, Jim Godbout, Jim Goudbout Plumbing & Heating, Biddeford, Maine, and his crew of five—for installation and removal, chimney lining, balance piping in boiler room and wiring—were able to swap out the old, tired equipment while still providing continuing heat to the building’s residents. This was due to the fact that the replacement was done during an off-heating month and through the installation of temporary electric water tanks so the occupants would not be without hot water.

The two-day install, which included the one day for installing the temporary electric tanks, featured four Viessmann CU3a-57 boilers with a proprietary cascade control system, two Viessmann EVI-79 indirect tanks and Grundfos MAGNA3 circulator pump.


Godbout’s loyalty to Viessmann lies in the fact that “having installed installed Viessmann for 30 years, for us, they are the most sustainable, efficient  product in marketplace. We stay with brands that work and easy to maintain,” says Godbout.

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