Southern Home Services Corporation Selects Interplay Learning as Exclusive Technical Training Provider and Learning Management System (LMS)

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Interplay Learning, the leading provider of online skilled trades training, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Southern Home Services Corporation, a leading residential home services provider specializing in HVAC, plumbing, electrical,  and generator service, replacement, and maintenance. This important collaboration names Interplay Learning the exclusive content engine for technical training and the designated LMS provider across Southern Home Services’ growing network of 25+ locations.

Recognizing the crucial need for a standardized technical training and development system across its expanding portfolio of companies, Southern Home Services Corporation aligned with Interplay Learning to deliver a unified and scalable training solution to their 750+ technicians. By leveraging Interplay’s cutting-edge digital learning platform, technicians at every business location will have seamless access to industry-leading training tools and resources, including immersive 3D simulations and virtual reality experiences.

Interplay’s diverse content catalog will ensure that technicians across various skill levels and trades can enhance their knowledge, acquire new skills, and earn essential career-building industry certifications like EPA 608. Further, the platform’s built-in skills assessment tool will play a vital role in identifying and addressing technicians’ skills gaps, providing targeted learning paths to bridge those gaps. The state-of-the-art training program will also assist Southern Home Services in improving recruitment, addressing labor shortages, reducing callbacks, and driving revenue growth throughout its extensive network.

Matt Ellenberg, Training Manager at Southern Home Services, emphasized the importance of Interplay’s training and development on company growth, stating, “Training equals next month’s, next quarter’s, and next year’s revenue dollars. This partnership with Interplay is an investment in our technicians’ career development and a driver of future revenue.”

Chief Operating Officer Drew Poskon adds, “This training partnership is a testament to our commitment to providing best-in-class training that directly translates to best-in-class home service experiences for our customers.”

The relationship between Southern Home Services Corporation and Interplay Learning marks a significant milestone in advancing technical education delivery throughout the trades. By leveraging leading technology and comprehensive training resources, both organizations are poised to shape the industry, ensuring continued growth and success for Southern Home Services and its dedicated workforce.

“Interplay is thrilled to work with Southern Home Services in setting a new benchmark for technical education across the trades,” said Doug Donovan, CEO of Interplay Learning. “We are honored to work alongside them to drive acquisition success and provide their expanding workforce with a centralized system of career-building tools necessary for sustainable growth.”

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