Speed Hydronic Piping Installs with New ProPEX® Brass Male Threaded Adapter

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When it comes to hydronic hot-water heating or chilled-water piping installs, speed and accuracy counts. That’s why Uponor is introducing the new ProPEX® brass threaded adapter that connects ¾” PEX to ½” male NPT.

Q5527550 | ProPEX Brass Male Threaded Adapter, ¾” PEX x ½” NPT

This new threaded adapter is made from high-quality brass for durable, consistent performance in hydronic piping applications. Pair it with Uponor ProPEX opposing-port tees, and you have an efficient solution for back-to-back unit configurations.

Need a different configuration? Uponor has a comprehensive offering of transition fittings for converting ProPEX connections to male thread, female thread, copper tubing sweat, copper fitting sweat, and copper fitting press for fast, easy, reliable transitions in hydronic piping applications.


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