Spirotherm Updates the Spirovent Quad with Magnets for Improved Efficiency

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Spirotherm, the leading manufacturer of coalescing-type air and dirt separators, improves the Spirovent Quad hydraulic separator by adding powerful magnets. The Spirovent Quad with magnets delivers the same air separation efficiency and adds fast and effective separation of ferrous and non-ferrous debris while providing the critical interconnection between hydronics loops.

Powerful magnets located on the exterior of the housing surround the flow-path of the system water to efficiently capture ferrous material. By sliding the magnet jacket down, the collected debris can be flushed from the unit
without having to isolate or open the unit.

The updated Spirovent Quad is available in 1”, 11⁄4” and 11⁄2” with threaded, sweat and press fit connections.

With a design that combines air elimination, dirt separation and hydraulic separation in a single unit, installation is simplified while protecting system
equipment from corrosion and ferrous material. Constructed from quality materials, the Spirovent Quad is backed by a 20-year limited warranty.

Spirotherm is the leading manufacturer of coalescing-type air and dirt separators for heating and cooling systems and industrial installations. Generations of specifiers, installers, and building owners have utilized Spirotherm’s products to ensure peak heat transfer efficiency and energy-saving, problem-free installations.

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