Successware Introduces eBook Resources for Home Service Businesses

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Successware, a field service management software company for the home service industry, has introduced new eBook resources for plumbing, HVAC and electrical business owners. Available now at under “Resources,” these eBooks contain valuable insights that educate business owners on getting the most out of their business software. From case studies to questions to ask and features to consider, they provide actionable steps that will help business owners manage and grow their business.

“Today’s leaders in the home service contractor industry have many helpful tools to assist in making day-to-day operations more streamlined and efficient, but the choices involved in running a business can become overwhelming,” said Paul Carmody, President of Successware. “By sharing these eBook resources, Successware has distilled the most common questions and concerns into roadmaps that guide these business owners in their decision-making process. Our goal is to help them improve productivity, save time and increase revenue.”

Three eBooks currently available from Successware include:

  • Benefits of Running Your Business in the Cloud – more and more of today’s business owners are ditching traditional self-hosting in favor of a cloud-based platform software. This eBook shares the benefits cloud-hosted software can provide such as efficiency, productivity and security, that can lead to increased revenue.
  • Increase Top-Line Revenue by Digitizing Your Business – the world of technology is constantly evolving, and it’s easy to feel left behind. This eBook helps to explain making the jump from running your business on paper to running your business in a digital environment, so businesses can grow and scale like never before. It also features a case study from one of Successware’s largest customers in California and the steps they took to digitize their business.
  • How to Choose the Right Field Service Management Software – many business owners are evaluating the different solutions available to them and trying to make the best decision for their business. This eBook covers the need for field service management software, initial steps to take before reaching out to software providers and what to consider when making that all-important selection.

Successware continues to post helpful articles on these topics and more on the company’s blog and will be publishing additional eBooks in the future geared to assist HVAC, electrical and plumbing business owners with their growth and success.

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