SunTouch HeatMatrix uncoupling membrane

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SunTouch launched the HeatMatrix uncoupling membrane that offers a flexible, easy-to-install solution for WarmWire underfloor electric radiant heating. Heating wire in HeatMatrix may be installed horizontally or vertically, providing professional installers and DIYers a convenient way to accommodate a variety of underfloor spaces. And because HeatMatrix has less rollback memory, it lays down flatter and faster, further easing installation.

HeatMatrix offers installers the versatility to vary wire spacing, allowing customers a choice of different heat outputs, based on floor and room heating needs.

The new membrane can be installed using modified thinset on top and bottom of the mat. The heating wire sits below the surface of the mat, providing greater protection from damage. In addition, SunTouch offers a thicker, constant diameter wire that offers increased durability and is made specifically for securement in the HeatMatrix membrane.

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