Taco Air to Water Heat Pump System

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A totally new venture for the pump making giant: Air to Water Heat Pump System

Taco’s new prototype heat pump was front and center. Imagine our surprise when first learning of Taco’s venture into the home heating appliance market through partnership with GlenDimplex.

Taco has been a leader in the hydronic system component and pump manufacturing industry since 1920. To our knowledge this is a first for the US pump giant. According to Wikipedia, GlenDimplex is an Irish based consumer electrical goods firm headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company is privately held. Has manufacturing and development centers in the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, China and many other locations around the world.

We had no previous knowledge of this system prior to the show. Our interview with Taco Canada’s Mike Miller is below. All the technical details we know are included in the video.

Our thoughts on the new Heat Pump system

First, I’m told Taco had the new heat pump on display in their booth as sort of a “soft” reveal for their affiliated reps and interested vendors. This seems about right. Next, even the deepest Google searches and requests for official technical info from our contacts at Taco have come up short. Nonetheless it looks like a very exciting prospect for contractors, especially plumbing contractors not equipped to install refrigeration piping. In short, this is a hydronic system making it very attractive to a much larger crowd of potential installers.

AHR Expo 2019

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