Taco Hot-Link® Hot Water Recirculation

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HotLinkBeautyreflective-X3Designed for systems without dedicated hot water return lines, Taco’s Hot-Link system substantially reduces the time it takes to receive hot water and can save an average family of four up to 12,000 gallons of water a year – water that typically goes down the drain while homeowners wait for hot water.

The system ensures instant hot water comfort to showers and faucets by maintaining hot water at each fixture while returning the cooled hot water back to the water heater through the cold water line.

Hot-Link’s unique thermal disk closes when hot water reaches the valve.  An integral flow check prevents cold water from backing into the hot line.  The Hot-Link circulator includes an analog timer that can be set to operate during peak usage hours or for continuous operation.

The system is packaged with everything an installer needs: Hot-Link valve, stainless steel braided flex lines, a Hot-Link circulator and a bronze water heater connector.

The system comes with a three year warranty.  For more information, visit www.taco-hvac.com.

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