tekmar Invita® WiFi Thermostat Now Works with Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Controls

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tekmar Control Systems, a Watts brand, has developed Invita® WiFi thermostats now works with Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls.

With a quick, “Alexa, turn up the kitchen by five degrees,” or “Hey Google, set the kitchen to 75 degrees;” Invita will change the temperature setting accordingly.

The new voice controls will also respond to questions – such as current temperature, mode, or the heating or cooling setpoint. Voice controls will also change operating mode, such as off, heat, cool, or auto, and change the heating or cooling setpoint up or down by certain degrees or to a specific setting.

All Invita WiFi Thermostats offer these new features; no update is required to use this new functionality. Users can visit the Invita WiFi Thermostat landing page for instructions about how to enable these features.

Learn more about the Invita WiFi Thermostat and voice controls through Alexa and the Google Assistant at https://www.watts.com/our-story/brands/invita-wifi-thermostat-564.

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