The Caleffi Gold Standard Kit™ Separation with NO Compromise

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Maintaining the health of water-based fluids circulating within high and low temperature hydronic systems is paramount to protecting components while maximizing efficiency. Make a smart choice by selecting The Gold Standard Kit™ for clean hydronic systems to ensure maximum protection and efficiency. Kitted for savings, the Gold Standard includes two product favorites that effectively eliminate three problems:

The Caleffi DISCAL® high efficiency air separator is dedicated to removing the system culprit:

  1. Excessive oxygen resulting in the formation of corrosion. The DIRTMAG® PRO dirt separator with magnetic technology and particle mesh captures troublesome
  2. Magnetic debris
  3. Non-magnetic debris

DISCAL maintains dissolved oxygen concentration below levels that can cause
magnetic materials to corrode. The specially engineered coalescing mesh forces microbubble gasses to be collected and automatically vented from the system. Separating dissolved oxygen minimizes oxidation, thus protecting the system from corrosion and sediment formation (a.k.a. “boiler sludge”).

DIRTMAG PRO captures magnetic and non-magnetic debris, the bane of heat
exchangers, circulators and valves. Debris that isn’t the result of oxidation, known as non-ferrous debris, must also be removed. Common examples include copper shavings, pipe tape and solder. Purging the captured magnetic and non-magnetic debris is quick, clean and does not require system shutdown with DIRTMAG PRO.

Rest assured. The Gold Standard Kit removes excessive oxygen and rids the system of both magnetic and non-magnetic debris. Separation with NO Compromise.

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