The Caleffi Green

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The Caleffi Green was introduced to North America at the recently held AHR Expo in Chicago.  The global initative defines a path forward with a multi-faceted plan of action for sustainability.

An executive leadership team from the company’s Italian headquarters attended AHR to launch the initiative. Federica Beretta, Brand and Content Marketing Manager from Caleffi S.p.A. stated, “We have launched a project called The Caleffi Green and we have been spreading it out all over the world.  Sustainability is not only about processes and products, it is also about people.  Every action is important.”

Caleffi’s global commitment to sustainability and resiliency is not new. Manufacturing is accomplished in an energy conscious manner, while prioritizing a healthy work environment for employees.  For example, air pollutant emissions during the brass forging process are maintained 33% below the maximum particulate matter regulations in effect in Italy.  More specifics can be found in the recently published Caleffi Group Sustainability Report.

As a reflection of Caleffi’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint, a North America facility expansion will incorporate photovoltaic panels set to provide over 80% of the building’s electricity demands. In addition, over 90% of the building’s materials and labor will be regionally sourced.

Additionally, the North American group will expand the Caleffi Cares program to include a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy. Each member of the team has enormous potential to make an impact in their community. Milwaukee-based and remote employees have paid time to volunteer with the charities and organizations that make a positive impact in their families and communities.  At the end of the year, Caleffi will hold a company-wide Lunch and Learn where employees can report on how they spent their time and share success stories.

Count on Caleffi to continue to support the industry with non-proprietary educational resources in our commitment to Excellence in Education.  To design, install and service the best-case, energy efficient and water conscious systems there is no room for gaps in stakeholder training.  It is in the collaboration of ideas and technologies from design to installation.  We are committed to help all stakeholders achieve these lofty goals with resources such as the semi-annual idronics™ journal and Coffee with Caleffi™ webinar series.

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