The New Flat Rate improves key business areas for contractors during Freedom Builders Mastermind

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The No. 1 price generating software company helps owners create efficient, effective businesses that increase revenue during annual event

The New Flat Rate, the No. 1 price generating software for home service contractors, will be helping contractors develop self-sufficient businesses that create freedom in their professional and personal lives during the fourth annual Freedom Builders Mastermind, May 2-6 in Camdenton, Missouri.

During the four-day event, entrepreneurs will spend time with some of the top minds in the Home Services industry while learning how to multiply their revenue over the next 12 months. Attendees will workshop in small groups while writing processes to help fix pain points and build towards having more freedom in their business.

“When we started Freedom Builders Mastermind, we wanted it to be different from other business building events or workshops,” said Matt Koop, vice president of The New Flat Rate. “We wanted people to feel comfortable speaking about their business pain points and concerns. With Mastermind, we get to workshop in small groups at the dinner table, in private lobbies, or we may even do so while taking a hike. This is much more like an intimate gathering with friends that happen to be working toward maximizing their business.

“The premise of the Freedom Builders Mastermind is to create the freedom that contractors want by identifying any problem areas in their businesses and providing actionable steps toward real solutions. Over the course of the event, we know that our attendees will have the added tools to turn their companies into a vehicle that drives revenue up and brings them one step closer to the life they want and deserve.”

The Mastermind will offer insight from coaches and consultants that will assist attendees in small groups to work on key priorities of their business. The seven key areas of focus during the event include:

  • Building your best exit strategy
  • Developing processes using your skills and abilities to bridge the current gaps
  • Fully understanding your marketing needs
  • Growing into the leader that the best hires want to work for
  • Creating generational wealth by investing your profit right
  • Workflow changes that will give you maximum results
  • Building a culture that attracts customers and team members

“Running a successful business is hard, but it can be even more difficult without the right leadership skills or having proper processes in place,” Koop said. “With the Freedom Builders Mastermind, we want to help develop those skills and introduce strategies that make contractors successful. If you are struggling to keep your business afloat, then you need to be at Mastermind because the problems aren’t going to go away on their own. You have to work to fix them.”

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