Top Tools of 2016: #3

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kaizenOrganizing and protecting tools has always been a challenge. This last summer I found a new product that has not only changed my habits but has saved me time and money. Kaizen foam inserts are custom made, cnc machined faom inserts for popular tool boxes and organizer boxes like the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer (pictured).

The foam is closed cell laminated layers cut specifically to the inside dimensions of specific boxes. You order the foam in select depths that can be combined or used alone to proved the base in which you layout and organize whatever you’d like to protect and place in your tool box.

The layout of your tools is completely up to you, you do the cutting and removal of the foam where it best fits your needs. So far I have organized five boxes; most of my boxes are filled with tools I use everyday but a couple are for tools that don’t have great storage options so having them protected and organized the way I want makes tracking and accessing those tools easier than ever with the foam inserts.

“Stop the struggle” is Kaizen’s motto and I truly believe it does exactly that. Here are some examples of the boxes I have created so far. I feel obligated to warn you though, this stuff is addicting. Once you start you’ll soon find all kinds of tools and items you’d like to organize!

That's a wrap on 2016. I'm pretty sure this makes box 6 or 7 but who's counting? The level of organization these inserts has opened up for me is awesome. This is a box with some tools that are hard to keep track of in my already overloaded bag. They're not used everyday so keeping them in a safe spot is key for always knowing where they're at and having quick access to them. I don't like carrying around a huge tech bag for service so this will free up some useful space for larger, daily tools. .. Also, on a side note, I have no idea how Wiha is actually pronounced. .. #toolsofthetrade #organization #kaizen #plumbing #hvac #servicetech #worksmarternotharder @kaizen_inserts @wihausa @kc_tool @knipextools @boschtoolsna @milwaukeetool

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