Top Tools of 2016: #4

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m18presstoolAll the major tool manufacturers have a cordless press tool available but only one has the most compact, most technologically advanced tool with the longest useful use interval between calibration service. Milwaukee’s M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool Kit with ½” – 2” Jaws is the first brushless motor cordless tool on the market.

The significance of brushless design for a press tool is high. As we’ve experienced with multiple tools already built with brushless technology smaller physical designs and faster, more powerful performance ratings are now the norm. The case here is very much the same. The new M18 press tool is not only smaller and lighter but the performance ratings published by Milwaukee are faster and longer [presses per battery charge cycle]. This thing is a beast; easily the fastest cordless press tool I’ve ever used. 100+ presses per charge on a 5ah battery is not out of the ordinary so far in my experience. Load it with the 9ah pack and you’ll likely see double or more presses per charge.

The new brushless M18 tool is capable of handling up to and including 4” on Viega’s stainless system (ProPress XL-S), and up to and including 1” on Grinnell’s stainless system (Stainless Steel G-Press). Up to and including 2” on MegaPress. The 2773-22 kit will require additional jaw sets for stainless and MegaPress. As mentioned, the kit includes copper jaws up to 2″.

Competitor press jaws are compatible with the M18 tool so buying all new expansion jaw sets may not be required depending on your existing jaw sets.


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