Triangle Tube introduces ION-IQ and Ginius

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Triangle Tube announces the newest addition to the family of innovative products, the ION-IQ fire tube boiler and the Ginius indirect water heater as the next generation in heating & hot water.

The ION-IQ Boiler

The ION-IQ Fire Tube Boiler

The ION-IQ boiler features a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with gas adaptive technology and will introduce remote connectivity.  The boiler is available in three different sizes including 110,000 Btu., 155.000 Btu. and 199.000 Btu.

The Ginius is a new revolutionary floor standing tank range and comes in four different sizes.  The new heat exchanger design provides increased performance and higher efficiency. TheGinius is manufactured in full stainless steel which includes both the heat exchanger and outside tank.  The Ginius has high corrosion resistance and is approved for up to 80psi boiler pressure.

The Ginius indirect Water Heater

The Ginius Indirect Water Heater

We value the loyalty of our Triangle Tube customers and for that reason, our main goal is to provide them with high-quality products and outstanding service. We embrace our competitive position as a leader in North America for heating and hot water solutions by leading the market with the introduction of new products, unique product benefits and of course competitive prices.

Since 1946, Triangle Tube has been an innovator and industry leader in the manufacture and supply of quality stainless steel Hot Water Heating Equipment.  ACV has recognized the importance of the availability of hot water in everyday life since the early 1920s. ACV Triangle Tubes serve all hot water-related demands in the residential and commercial sectors with sheer excellence.

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