Uponor ProPEX® copper press adapters

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ProPEX LF brass copper press fitting adapter are used to transition from copper fittings to Uponor PEX-a, in sizes covering 1/2″ – 3″. Uponor ProPEX lead-free copper press fitting adapters can be used in hot and cold potable water, radiant heating and hydronic piping systems.

With plumbing professionals looking for flameless solutions that make hybrid PEX-to-copper connections fast and easy, Uponor North America is answering the call with the launch of its industry-first ProPEX® copper press adapters in sizes from ½” to 3″.

Manufactured from high-quality, lead-free brass to meet all local and national potable-plumbing codes, these innovative press adapters reduce overall project timeline by an average of 71% (compared to sweat), don’t require new tools or processes, and are backed by Uponor’s 25-year transferable limited warranty.

This new innovation is available now throughout the U.S. and Canada – and it’s the only copper press adapter available in 2½” and 3″ sizes. It also incorporates a patented design for securely fastening the pipe and fitting together, eliminating the need for a stainless-steel ring.

“As PEX piping becomes more prevalent in commercial plumbing projects, design and installation professionals told us they needed a solution to quickly and confidently connect hybrid plumbing and hydronic piping systems,” says Doug Fulton, sr. director, Corporate Strategy and Segment Marketing at Uponor. “We’re excited to not only introduce our latest innovation, but also solve a key pain point for commercial installers.”

For more information about Uponor’s new ProPEX copper press adapter, visit online or contact a local Uponor sales professional.