Uponor, Winsupply Secure PP-RCT Distribution Agreement

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Apple Valley, Minn. — Uponor North America announced a national distribution agreement with Winsupply to stock Uponor PP-RCT piping, fittings, and accessories at select Winsupply local companies and two distribution centers across the U.S.

“We are excited to announce this new partnership with Winsupply, as they are committed to broadening polymer piping offerings into their channels with strategic partners like Uponor,” said Chris Budion, vice president of Sales, Uponor North America. “We are confident this agreement will create growth opportunities for both companies, as we work together to provide customers with the convenience and efficiency of a complete polymer piping solution from one trusted source.”

plumbing, piping, Uponor PP-RCT piping, Uponor, Winsupply

“Winsupply is eager to help Uponor pioneer this product line,” added Bruce Pilbeam, product manager, Rough-In Plumbing, Winsupply. “PP-RCT has shown enormous growth potential in the commercial sector. Winsupply and our Local Companies are excited to support bringing Uponor PP-RCT to market.”

In addition to stocking Uponor’s PP-RCT piping system, Winsupply is already leveraging Uponor’s commercial training team with hands-on instruction, as well as virtual learning, through Uponor Academy Online. “We are setting Winsupply up for success by ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to confidently sell the benefits of PP-RCT and safely instruct their customers on proper installation,” says Budion.

Available in sizes from ½” to 12″, the Uponor PP-RCT piping system is ideal for use in hydronic heating hot water, chilled water, and industrial applications, including condenser water, geothermal, compressed air and vacuum, and direct-burial applications.

plumbing, piping, Uponor PP-RCT piping, Uponor, Winsupply

Uponor offers a 10-year limited warranty on all PP-RCT products. For hybrid Uponor PP-RCT and PEX-a systems, the company offers a 10-year limited warranty on PP-RCT to complement the 25-year transferable limited warranty on all its PEX-a pipe and ProPEX® fittings.

Visit online to learn more about the benefits of Uponor PP-RCT and why the polymer piping solution is becoming the choice of industry professionals across the U.S.