Viega Announces Press Masters Brand Ambassador Program

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Since their introduction in North America in 1999, Viega press systems have earned a loyal following among plumbers and contractors who value their performance, efficiency and reliability.

In recent years, this community has grown into a large following across Viega LLC’s social media accounts. In response, Viega LLC is recognizing some of its most enthusiastic and influential supporters through a new Press Masters Brand Ambassador program. The Press Masters are a group of highly skilled plumbing, HVAC, and general contractors who have built followings through their creative, and often entertaining, educational social media content.

As Press Masters, they will use their social channels to educate people on the benefits of pressing with Viega fittings and share their trade expertise.

“The Press Master brand ambassador program is centered around building relationships with people who have shown great pride in their work using Viega fittings and who are passionate about being involved in the trade community,” said Rebecca Stamey, PR and Social Media Manager for Viega. “There is so much value in having the opportunity to partner with people who choose to use our products every day. We want to recoginize their endorsement for the brand and celebrate their accomplishments, all while also helping other realize the benefits of pressing.”

The current Press Masters are:

To learn more about each Press Master and for those interested in applying to join the program visit

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