Viega announces vertical integration in PEX manufacturing

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Wichita, Kan. — Viega announces vertical integration of its PEX tubing manufacturing process. The company’s resource consolidation includes producing resin and extruding PEX tubing, which makes Viega the only manufacturer to quality control PEX tubing from the raw-material stage through the finished product.

ViegaPEX Ultra tubing, which offers the highest industry ratings for UV exposure and chlorine resistance, is extruded from Viega’s own resin. This step creates higher quality product that will provide excellent performance and offers increased flexibility compared to tubing made from third-party resins. ViegaPEX Ultra tubing can withstand up to six months of exposure to sunlight without damaging its performance.

The increased flexibility of Viega’s PEX tubing helps installers reduce labor costs and minimize materials costs by needing fewer fittings. This also decreases the potential for leak points in a plumbing system.

“Beyond offering higher UV exposure ratings and cost savings to our customers, making PEX from our own resin increases Viega’s freedom to research product quality,” said Paige Riddle, product manager, Viega. “By controlling the quality of PEX tubing from start to finish, Viega has taken another step in keeping our quality the highest and providing innovative opportunities for our partners.”

Viega has a heritage of manufacturing excellent high-performance products and innovative concepts such as its PEX solutions which include ViegaPEX Ultra tubing, Viega ManaBloc and Viega PEX Press fittings.

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