Viega Introduces Auto-Balancing System for Radiant Heating

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First technology to allow monitoring of every return circuit in a radiant system

Viega LLC’s new Radiant Auto-Balancing System (RABS) delivers an unprecedented level of control and consistency in radiant heating systems.

RABS gives users for the first time the ability to independently control each zone in a radiant heating system. Balancing valves are not required and installers can commission as many as eight thermostats and 12 circuits per control unit. RABS achieves the desired temperature in each zone by analyzing the supply water temperature, each circuit’s return temperature and zone air temperatures where a wireless thermostat is used. The system offers four operation methods that complement each other.

“Achieving and maintaining consistent temperatures through multiple zones has been a challenge for radiant heating systems. RABS automates and digitizes the process, which helps installers and users alike,” said Adam Botts, Portfolio Manager.

RABS compensates for system inconsistencies and imperfections like:

  • Different circuit lengths or tube sizes
  • Varying installation clearances or tube depths/spacing
  • Change of floor coverings
  • Fluctuating supply temperatures, outdoor temperatures or external heat sources

In addition, a web-based app-enabled control lets users to manage the system from anywhere in the world. It allows remote control of power levels, thermostats and operation software. A local device can access the web app or it can be accessed remotely via the internet.

For more information about RABS, click here.

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