Viega PEX Fittings Receive ASTM Certification

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Viega LLC is proud to announce that fittings for its PureFlow®Press system have received ASTM International certification.

Viega’s fittings have always met ASTM standards, and listed its PureFlow Press fittings under the ASTM F877 standard, but the company now has pioneered a new standard for itsr PureFlow Press connections, ASTM F3347 and ASTM F3348. Viega then submitted its products to NSF International in order to receive the official certifications, said Seth Larson, product manager, plastics, at Viega.

“Everyone in the field is familiar with the quality of Viega fittings, but the ASTM certifications provide an additional level of reassurance for contractors, as well as a standardized fitting that is easier for engineers to specify,” Larson said.

The specifications, published as ASTM F3347 (Zero Lead bronze press fittings with stainless steel press sleeves) and F3348 (plastic press insert fittings with stainless steel press sleeves), are for PEX tubes that distribute potable water and that support hydronic plumbing systems for homes and businesses.

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