What Hydronics Taught Holohan

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What_Hydronics_Taught_Holohan_CoverAfter 46 years in the heating industry, Dan Holohan is retiring from teaching, but not before imparting some wisdom on his daughter, Erin, as she takes over the family business. In his 374-page memoir, What Hydronics Taught Holohan, Dan shares entertaining stories and knowledge he has gained throughout his career as a manufacturers’ rep, writer, teacher, and founder of HeatingHelp.com. Much like in his other books, Dan masterfully weaves technical tidbits with real-life examples and simple truths. He introduces you to interesting people he’s met in his travels and shares what he’s learned from them about the heating industry and life in general. Dan covers a variety of topics ranging from the first time he saw square pipes to what he’s noticed that most contractors have in common. Delivered with heart and humor, What Hydronics Taught Holohan is a love letter to the heating industry that will delight and inspire newbies and experts alike.

Visit Amazon.com to order your copy of What Hydronics Taught Holohan in paperback or on Kindle (http://www.amazon.com/dp/0692565981/ref=rdr_ext_tmb).

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