Win Dan Holohan — for the day at least

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dan_holohan_headshot_2Last year, OESP announced setting up a scholarship/grant in Dan Holohan’s name and he is helping raise money for this purpose.  Well, why not actually auction Dan off himself?

According to Holohan, “This is my final year of doing seminars. My last will be at the AHR show in Orlando next January. I will be 66 years old on that day, and it will be time to shut up. But before I’m done, I’d be happy to do a private (or public) seminar for you and a group of any size and of your choosing. I have also spoken several times to groups of one, so if you’d rather have a one-on-one with me for three hours, I’m up for that as well. Why am I doing this? Well, it’s because OESP had the fine idea of naming a grant after me, which will benefit those who teach in the HVAC field. The winners of the grant may use the money for their own continuing education, or to enhance their classrooms with purchased equipment. And since my name is on the grant, I feel like raising some money for it before I shut up for good. So bid on me like crazy. One-hundred percent of what you bid will go to the teachers. If you win, you and I will look at the calendar and pick a date for me to do any one of these three-hour seminars – The World of Green Heating, Classic Hydronics or, Dead Men’s Steam School. You’ll arrange the meeting place at your expense. I’ll pay my own travel expenses (within the United States). I can also help you publicize the event through the power of if you’d like. So take me; I’m yours!”

The winner of this auction will be announced at the convention of the National Association of Oil & Energy Service Professionals – May 19th Awards Banquet, Hershey, PA.

If interested,

The Dan Holohan Grant:

Send completed application to:

National Association of Oil & Energy Service Professionals

Attn: Judy Garber, Exec. Director or e-mail


  • Any HVACR instructor is eligible for grant money.
  • Can be used for classroom materials or equipment, specialized training that is not paid or reimbursed by the school and we are open to other requests that may arise.

Details and Instructions:

  • Complete the basic application below and include a couple of paragraphs that tell us in detail why you need the money and how you and the HVACR industry can benefit by our investment.
  • Include a reference along with their contact information
  • Submit this form no later than July 1, 2015
  • 2015 is the 1st year of this grant, thus we reserve the right to control the number of grants awarded and for how much.
  • Any questions, call 1-888-552-0900


Name: _______________________________________________________________

             Last                                       First                                        Middle

Currently teaching: _______________ (Yes or No)


Name of the School ____________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________


City/Town: __________________________ State: _______   Zip: ______________


Telephone Number: ________________________                


E-mail Address: _____________________________________________

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