XOi Technology Supports Carrier’s Digital Advantage Dealer Program

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Nashville field tech enablement software provider equips HVAC leader’s nationwide dealer network with comprehensive technical services solution

XOi, a leading provider of technician-focused technology solutions, announces an enhanced collaboration with Carrier, an industry leader in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

Dealers will benefit from a more streamlined experience between Carrier technical support services and distributor and dealer networks by utilizing XOi’s advanced technology for improving real-time installation or maintenance troubleshooting.

The Carrier Digital Advantage is a fully connected, incentivized ecosystem of digital tools and technologies provided to Carrier dealers and technicians. This program empowers dealers to provide best-in-class customer service by being more productive and efficient.

“The collaboration with XOi supports the Carrier Digital Advantage by empowering service teams with data insights and virtual support tools for each step in resolving service requests,” said Bob Lang, Director of Quality Assurance, Carrier. “Field technicians can quickly access resources from the Carrier support team to provide exemplary HVAC service.”

With XOi, Carrier technicians can access educational resources and equipment information to enhance efficiency and accuracy and provide exceptional customer service.

“We’re enhancing how information is shared among Carrier distributors and our dealers,” said David Kesterton, President of Mingledorff’s, a large HVAC distributor in the Southeast. “The collaboration between XOi, Carrier and our distribution team drives an even more efficient process for reporting and resolving issues in the field and keeping projects on track. Technicians have immediate access to the information they need with a tablet or smartphone. That kind of accessible, easy to navigate knowledge base helps deliver a premium customer experience.”

“Having both the distributor and Carrier technical support teams utilizing XOi brings closer alignment on field needs in real-time,” said John Holloman, Distributor Service Manager for Robert Madden Industries of Lubbock, Texas. “This enhancement to the partnership helps provide superior customer service to our dealers and each customer.”

Equipped with the data and analytics capabilities of XOi’s curb-to-curb solutions, Carrier service technicians can collect, index and analyze jobsite information and build an accessible institutional knowledge base that supports real-time decision-making.

“Expanding this collaboration to all service technicians helps Carrier contractors meet and exceed the demands of their customers,” said Aaron Salow, CEO and Founder of XOi. “The unique functionality and comprehensive communication and support XOi delivers supports Carrier’s commitment to providing an extraordinary service experience.”

XOi helps field service contractors and their teams drive productivity, elevate customer experience and help identify skilled technicians. For more information about XOi, visit https://xoi.io.

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